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A Neighbourhood Development Plan is currently being developed for the parish of Crich.

This is a unique opportunity for YOU to shape and guide the future development of where you live

Welcome to the Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan website

The public consultation period for the Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan (CPNP) ended on 1 May 2017 and many comments were received from parishioners. These have been incorporated into the plan where appropriate. We were heartened by the overwhelming support the CPNP received and would like to thank everyone for their comments and input into the plan.


One of the statutory consultees for the plan was Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC), who supported most of the policies in the CPNP with only relatively minor amendments and which were easily resolved, but they had one major issue where they would not support the CPNP. That issue was the proposed housing site for 80 houses at Woodside, on the Common, Crich, which is included in their draft Local Plan, but is not supported through the CPNP.


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In order to give parishioners an opportunity to discuss, a drop-in session was arranged for Wednesday 26 July 2017, between 6.00pm and 8.00pm at the Glebe, Crich, where discussion on this issue was held with members of the Steering Group. AVBC were unfortunately not available to attend this session.