Crich Fete, 18 July 2015

The Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan Team held a stall at the Crich Fete to inform the community about the neighbourhood plan and obtain initial thoughts about what people like about where they live, what could be improved and suggestions for the future. The stall comprised maps of the Parish and a ‘vision wall’ and ‘stick-it-notes’ for people to leave their comments. The stall was well patronised with approximately 150 members of the community taking the time to discuss and/or leave their comments. There was a good awareness of the project and generally a sound understanding of what it was seeking to achieve. People were extremely supportive of the process and keen to leave their details so that they could be kept up to date with progress.


The majority of written comments related to type and location of housing in particular:

- future housing needs to be affordable

- future housing needs to be suitable for the elderly

- future development should take place on the brownfield sites and the countryside protected

- future development should be small scale.


Traffic and Parking featured heavily in discussions

- The road linking Crich with Fritchley; the Common, was a key concern for some with regards to parking and speed.


Establishing the Steering Group, 16 Feb 2015

A meeting was held at the Glebe Field Centre, Crich on the evening of 16th February 2015 to establish a steering group to take the plan forward. It was agreed the Steering Committee be made up from the persons present and the first committee meeting set for 9th April 2015. Seventeen people attended the meeting.


Public Meeting 19 January 2015

A public meeting was held on the evening of 19th January 2015 at Crich Glebe Field Centre to inform the community about the proposed preparation of a neighbourhood  plan for the Crich Parish and gain some initial ideas. The meeting was led by the Parish Council and Joe Dugdale of Rural Action Derbyshire (RAD).This was also an opportunity to build interest amongst attendees and identify individuals that would like to take an active role in developing the Plan.  Participants were aked their thoughts regarding current and future needs for the Parish.


There were constructive discussions around the room and a number of key themes emerged:

  • Most comments related to what we have broadly termed as ‘services’. Participants highlighted the importance of and need to preserve the existing services in the Parish including the doctor’s surgeries, businesses and shops.

  • ‘Transport’ was raised at most tables and included the need for traffic management and calming measures. The fact that public/ community transport was either lacking or unfit for purpose was also raised.

  • Discussions regarding ‘housing’ tended to focus on the need for affordable housing and housing for seniors.

  • Finally under the theme of 'people' participants discussed the need to  encourage a mix of people and provide for an ageing population.